Book 1 Chapter 2 Page 17

Author’s Note: Yes, Drommen’s Keep. The Court of The Dead Mage. O.o


2 thoughts on “Book 1 Chapter 2 Page 17

  1. one thing that’s been bothering me about this series and a lot of other fantasy is the idea that in a world with a good god it doesn’t seem right that it is possible to create an inherently evil species of sentient beings as these goblins appear to be. do you have a rationale for that or are you just using a common trope?

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    • That’s a good question. In Whoelterran, goblins weren’t created in the beginning. In the second age, the Elves of Nix began experimenting in genetics as a means of producing powerful (and expendable armies). The resulting synthebrids were a collection of genes which were never supposed to be mixed. These abominations didn’t come with souls so they were readily inhabited by fell spirits called fielgheister. Since goblins have a ghast (a low level fielgheist) instead of a soul, they are inherently evil. I agree that a God of Goodness and Light wouldn’t create an evil being, and He really didn’t. However, those beings that started out good, have the free will to turn bad. God didn’t make the devil evil, the devil chose evil for himself.


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