Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 155

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Zan has returned!


Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 154

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: From the “Tome of Encounters”(which I’m still working on),

When the liche kills a victim, they can turn them into any skeletal monster with a grade lower than theirs, and summon them to do their bidding.

That’s what he’s preparing to do.

Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 153

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: And now we see the liche’s “Touch of Death”. Good thing it can only be used once a day.

Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 152

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Yep, The Dead Mage can do a screech attack like a Screature! Still working on the “Tome of Encounters” so if you want to know more, you’ll have to wait. Sorry ’bout that…