Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 167

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Remember Orebro from pages 10, 11, and 14? Looks like there’ll be another Dead Mage in the future.

And here is where I will retire the comic online. Some of you who followed “Legends of Whoelterran” at the earlier site, know that I had started Book II, but it left off at an awkward cliffhanger and I decided (for posterity) this was a much better final page. Will I ever start it up again? Perhaps, but even if I don’t, the actions of these characters are a part of the history of Whoelterran and may be told in epic tales as well as songs by the characters of Glymyre Tales, my newest webcomic endeavor. I’ve learned a lot from both “Legends of Whoelterran” and “When Foxes Fly” during the ten years that they ran, and I’m very grateful to my readers. I only hope that you enjoy Glymyre Tales at least as much. Hope to see you there. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 142

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Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 141

RG2CentsAuthor’s Note: Valor’s starting to loose it. He and the rest of the group are still just kids in a lot of ways. They aren’t hardened adventurers after all. Valor’s just graduated from the University of Gleisdorph, this was Norry’s first venture out of The Golden Mountains, Tara has only trained as a Scout, and the only life Zan has known (since a child) was that at the Salmitluce Monastery. They haven’t really been prepared for the things they have seen in Drommen.